Vol. 4


Anna Adams, Staff Writer



Although horses can be bred with golden carrots and golden apples, they will not eat regular carrots. They eat but do not breed with wheat, hay bales, regular apples, and sugar.

Collecting leather by killing a horse is an alternate way to earn the Cow Tipper achievement.

Upside-down horses- obtained by naming a horse Dinnerbone or Grumm- can be ridden.

An upside-down horse is ridden.

Zombie and skeleton horses can only be tamed with commands and make unique sounds; both can drop rotten flesh and the skeleton variant can drop bones.

A horse that is struck by lightning during a thunderstorm can generate four skeletons wearing armor while riding skeleton horses, which is known as a skeleton trap; this can also be achieved by using commands. 

A skeleton trap being photobombed by parrots.

Horses cannot ride in boats with the player, but if the player is riding a boat while the horse is on a lead, both entities will travel together; bubble columns may break the lead. The same can be done with minecarts.

Saddles once had a crafting recipe: five pieces of leather and three iron ingots.

Mules do not spawn naturally but can be attained by breeding a horse and a donkey; mules cannot be bred.

Donkeys and mules can be equipped with chests but are slower than horses.

Only horses can wear horse armor.

Horses can be selectively bred to increase speed.

Snow Golems

The snow golem head can be sheared, dropping the pumpkin and revealing its real face; its real face can also be viewed in spectator mode when the player enters its body.

A sheared snow golem shows its real face.

When crafting a snow golem, the carved pumpkin or jack o’lantern- regular pumpkins do not work- does not need to be on top; the golem can be crafted upside down and sideways, so there are 12 different ways the blocks can be arranged. Endermen are capable of accidentally building snow golems.

Snow golems melt in hot biomes like mesas, savannahs, deserts, jungles, and the Nether unless they are affected by the fire resistance enchantment.

Any contact with water, including rain, kills snow golems.

Snow golems only deal damage to blazes and the Ender Dragon. If a snow golem accidentally hits a villager or iron golem with a snowball, the iron golem will attack the former; however, the snow golem will not continue to attack the iron golem.

Snow golems were almost called snowmen.

Bonus Fact

The rarest type of skeleton that can spawn with a probability of .04 percent is a skeleton in a full diamond suit; it has a nine percent chance of dropping a piece of its armor.


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