Raya and the Last Dragon

A Fantastic Fantasy Adventure


Giorgette Ruiz, Staff Writer

“Raya and the Last Dragon” premiered March 5, 2021, and can be viewed in theatres or on the streaming service Disney+. This movie was directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada and Don Hall. Hall is known for his works in other Disney movies such as “Moana”, “Big Hero 6”, “The Princess and the Frog”, and many more. This movie stars Kelly Marie Tran as Raya and Awkwafina as the last dragon, Sisu.

The film takes place in a fantasy land known as Kumara. Legend depicts the harmony of dragons and humans living together until an evil monster known as the Duun invaded the land. The Duun is a mindless plague that turns everyone it touches to stone. The dragons sacrificed their lives for the protection of the kingdom. They created a stone that is to be kept at the Heart of the kingdom to shield them from the Duun.

Unfortunately, 500 years after the great sacrifice, the land became divided and the land of Heart carries the stone and is viewed as superior. The other lands are jealous of Heart, but the chief of Heart just wants the land to become united again for the greater good. In an attempt to unite the lands, the stone was stolen and shattered. 

The Duuns returned and now it is up to the chief’s daughter, Raya, to track down the last dragon and gather the shards of the crystal to save her land. On her journey, she encounters enemies from other lands trying to gather the crystals themselves to become superior. She keeps her dragon by her side along with the many friends she encounters along the way, in hopes to regain the peace she once lost.

This movie is well-written and is similar to “Moana”. A young woman risking everything to save her land and reunite her family is prominent in both movies. The movie has the right balance of action, humor, and love. It portrays the message of trust and dependability on others. 

“This movie was the best thing for my younger siblings as I try to teach them to be independent themselves,” junior Gabriella Hargis said. “Raya was a culturally-based movie and showed to fight for the things you believe in, even if it seems impossible.”

A new hero has appeared on the screens and is ready for anyone to see!