Texans Saving the Turtles

Many people fought through the cold winter storm to ensure the safety of the endangered sea turtles

Nadine Zenner, Staff Writer

During the harsh winter storm that Texas encountered, many sea turtles were becoming cold- stunned–hypothermic due to severe cold weather. This typically happens when water temperatures reach about 50 degrees Fahrenheit or below. This can cause turtles to drown, starve, get eaten, or even get injured by a boat. 

Volunteers working with an organization by the name Sea Turtles Inc. worked hard to save these sea turtles from extinction. Soon they transported over 3,000 turtles to a rehabilitation center. Normally, these volunteers would save a few hundred cold stunned turtles per year, but when the winter storm hit, the rehabilitation center was being filled to max capacity. 

Because the organization was running out of space, Sea Turtles Inc. started recruiting more volunteers to assist in saving the turtles. 

“I would absolutely volunteer,” sophomore Kami Adams said. “Primarily because it would be super cool to help save a species, but also because I’ve always wanted to personally save a life.”

The volunteers helped transport turtles to an overflow facility–facility that is used when the main facility is too full to accept anyone/anything else. This facility had a generator, providing heat to keep the cold turtles warm and safe. 

After water temperatures raised to a safe temperature, sea turtles were able to safely return to their homes. Meanwhile, people are still searching the beach shores and waters for any injured or dead sea turtles and other creatures of the sea. 

When there is a will, there is a way. Texans worked together, and are still working together, to help keep the planet’s creatures safe.