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Is Fast Fashion good?


Fast Fashion companies

Marina Garcia , Student Life and Sports Editor

Stores like SHEIN, Forever 21, Rue 21, Fashion Nova and many others have been some of the top sellers in the fashion industry for decades. With these stores selling affordable and trendy clothing, how could they not be? These businesses are known as “fast fashion” brands; fast fashion is when businesses replicate high end fashion designs at a fast rate and at a low cost, mass producing those trendy products. But, how is this bad?  

Fast fashion leads to mass water waste from the dyes that the factories use. Those dyes end up being dumped directly into rivers. The textile factories’ dyes contain lead, mercury, and arsenic.  This is not only harmful to aquatic life, but human lives as well.

These brands also produce a tenth of the world’s carbon emissions. Carbon emission is greenhouse gases. According to GASP, the fast fashion industry annually releases about 1.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. 

Although buying clothes is fun excessively at an affordable price, we have to think about what it means in the long run and how it affects us. 

There are many brands that are eco friendly. Although many of those companies are quite expensive. One alternative of spending too much money would be shopping at thrift stores; like Goodwill, Texas Thrift and Plato’s closet.