Kathryn Nevarez

Getting to know one of our administrators

Aya Kasim, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, Medina Valley bids farewell to a graduating class and hello to hundreds of freshmen. While faculty generally stays the same, students come and go. But, when a new administrator–especially one that exemplifies our culture of excellence–is welcomed, it is as if earning a new family member.
This loved one is Kathryn Nevarez, an enthusiastic and diligent force to be reckoned with. Her work ethic goes as far back as high school when she participated in sports, band, and UIL Academics. But rather than attending a college right after graduation, Nevarez decided to go straight into work. It was not until after she was married and had her children that she went back to continue her education. At Southwest Texas Junior College, then Midland College, and finally with Sul Ross State University, Nevarez double majored in Education and Library Science and earned a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.
“[Continuing her education] was very difficult and took much longer than it would have been if I would have gone to college right out of high school,” Nevarez said. “Learn from my mistakes and get your education early.”
This year is her 15th in education and her second at Medina Valley. Nevarez’s admirable motivation not only throughout life, but also in her everyday small tasks exhibits an contagious energy. To keep going even on hard days, Nevarez pulls out her “Joy File”, a folder full of things that encourage her.
“Sometimes, a positive comment can keep me going for days,” Nevarez said. “I have so many nice notes from students and staff and each time I pull one out, this helps me greatly.”
As an administrator, Nevarez interacts with many students and teachers every day. Luckly, that is one of her favorite parts of her job!
“Impacting students in a positive way makes my heart happy,” Nevarez said. “Even through giving consequences, this can positively impact a person in order to make a change and work to improve their future.”
Often, an adult can have the greatest impact on a student through the guidance they give. The advice Nevarez gives her students comes from the wisdom of her experiences.
“I tell my own children, you can have it easy when you are young and harder later or hard when you are young so you can have it easier in your later years, your choice,” Nevarez said. “ [And] when you mess up (we all do), a sincere apology can go a long way. Do not forget, a sincere apology means you will not do this again.”
But, just like everyone else, Nevarez is always learning new things and adapting to challenges–one of her biggest is time management. To keep up with the many tasks of being an administrator, she set up alarms and reminders for deadlines, scheduling, and even assigned time to finally put everything down and relax.
“Getting rid of time-wasters is very important such as social media and television,” Nevarez said. “These two things can take valuable time that I need to be completing something else. Taking time to rest and take care of myself has been a challenge for me as well but I am working on making this a priority.”
Despite struggling with time management, Nevarez is renownedly on top of things. Her colleagues not only consider her great company, but also very reliable.

Mrs.Nevarez (left) and Mrs. Monteiro at a cold Medina Valley football game. (PC: MVHS Yearbook)

“I look forward to coming to work because I know I will be working with Mrs. Nevarez,” vice principal Amanda Monteiro said. “We are very supportive of each other and she is always willing to help me and other staff members no questions asked. She is very organized and always carrying around her clipboard with any and every spreadsheet, document you will need as an admin. She also makes great relationships with her students and staff. They always know she will give as much time as they need (even when she has none) to help out or just let them vent to her.”

This graduating class is one of the first few Nevarez has gotten to know at Medina Valley. As they are about to dive into life after high school, Nevarez wishes for them to know a few things.
“Do not take this opportunity when you are young to rest and sleep in,” Nevarez said. “Get up early and work towards your personal goals each and every day. Do not allow yourself to ‘take a day off.’ In my opinion, a day many times turns into a week, a month, and a year. Before you know it, you have not accomplished what you truly wanted for yourself.”
Thank you, Mrs. Nevarez, for all your hard work. Medina Valley is very lucky to have you.