Spring Break is in Session

An inside look on plans for this year’s Spring Break


Janelle De Jesus, Feature Editor

With less than 50 school days left before seniors can say ‘peace out’ and underclassmen can finally be upperclassmen; students are one step closer to leaving what was probably one of the weirdest years of their lives. This being said, Spring Break lies only a few days away! For some students, this means vacation. For others, just some nice peace and quiet from all that this year was. So, here it is: a Spring Break preview for the very eager students here. 

“I’m doing what I think is my third Harry Potter marathon so far,” sophomore Rose Simonson said. “I’ve started doing then about once a year, and since it’s at home, COVID won’t affect it.” 

Some students have decided to play it safe this year and are choosing to stay at home with their family. Other students are travelling, which is possible as long as you are being safe. No matter what you plan on doing, Spring Break is about relaxing; however you plan on doing that is up to you. 

“This year me and my family are going to California to visit some family,” senior Liam Ponton said. “I’m excited to go surfing and see my grandparents.” 

Spring Break allows for students to receive a much needed break, since the biggest thing that follows is finals and eventually graduation. While the past year has been spent behind a mask, students still want to make the most of it. 

It is crazy to believe that roughly a year ago, this whole thing started. We hope that this break does not turn into the same thing it did last year. 

“I plan on enjoying my time at my new job,” senior Justus Mendoza said. “Much like the rest of the year that was affected by Corona, I plan to make the best of it.” 

This year was spent constantly worrying about what was going to come next, and that was very reasonable. But, despite that, students should still be allowed to enjoy a break without having to worry about what is around the corner. I too will be enjoying my Spring Break from my couch, like other students. But, no matter what you may be doing, all that matters is that you are staying safe and having fun!