Vol. 3


Anna Adams, Staff Writer


Cacti can grow submerged in water by a depth of one block. Unlike kelp, it will continue growing after it breaks the surface of the water.

A submerged cactus continues to grow.

Endermen can move and place cacti without taking damage.

Cacti has gone through four different textures.

Smelting cactus in a furnace produces cactus green dye.

The cactus was added in the Alpha version of the game. Up until a later update, harvesting cacti dealt damage.

Cacti commonly generate in heights of 1 to 3 blocks; taller cacti are rare. The tallest cactus ever found was 22 blocks tall.

Cacti break if there is a block above it when it tries to grow.

The underside of the cactus has a texture similar to the inside of a wood log; though cacti do not naturally float, the underside is visible in item frames and when bugs are present. Touching the underside of buggy, floating cacti deals no damage to the player.

In an earlier version of the game, cacti could be placed directly next to each other and all blocks; now, only certain blocks and objects can be placed next to cacti.


Boats can hold up to two entities.

Placing a boat facing the ocean near a cat or dog will cause the pet to sit in the boat, thus allowing the player to cross the sea with their furry companion. 

Two entities share a boat.

A horse, mule, or donkey on a lead will travel with the player when the player is using a boat. Any mob small enough to fit can enter a boat, but in order to release the mob- tamed or not- players must break the boat or pull it out with a lead, if possible with the mob.

Boats that pass over the top of a bubble column shake vigorously and will either sink or jump. Bubble columns formed by magma will sink boats and those formed by soul sand will cause boats to jump.

Riding a boat does not deplete hunger.

Boats can be ridden on ice. The fastest possible form of transportation is riding a boat on blue ice, which operates at 72 blocks per second and works in the Nether.

The crafting recipe for the boat can be unlocked without items. All the player has to do is spawn and experience contact with water. Bedrock and Legacy Console editions require a shovel and 5 wooden planks when players try to craft a boat, whereas Java edition only requires the planks.

The original boat was made of oak wood and broke very easily. Modern boats are much tougher and can break things, such as lilypads. 

A boat breaks lilypads.

Boats now also have oars and are- in the Java edition- steered with the A, S, D, and W keys instead of the mouse.

Any tool or weapon that deals 4 damage or above will destroy a boat in one hit, including bows and crossbows.

Bonus Fact

Chickens are small enough to fit into cauldrons, in the gap between a wall and glass pane, into hoppers, and in the gap between a wall and iron bars.



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