Varsity Girls Overrun First Meet



Anna Adams, Staff Writer


Girls Varsity

After a successful season, the following ladies were selected for the 28-5A Girls Basketball All-District Team:

Academic All-District

Ileana Morales

Corina Castanon

MaKenzee DeCock

Morgan Henrich

Clara Arroyos

Aubree Davidson

Kaylyn Persyn

Kylie Mutz

Most Valuable Player- Ileana Morales

Defensive Player of the Year- Kaylyn Persyn

1st Team All-District- Clara Arroyos, MaKenzee DeCock

2nd Team All-District- Katie Burris

Honorable Mentions- Giovanna Ruiz, Morgan Henrich.

Boys Varsity

On February 22, the boys lost their winning streak against Jefferson High School by 77-49. Leading scorers include Christopher Child with 17 points, Iverson McCray with 8 points, and George Valdez with 8 points.


Boys Varsity

On February 23, the boys relentlessly battled McCollum but fell short by 6-1. Gabe Human and Vicente Gonzales played spectacularly.

On February 26, the Panthers persisted against Harlandale, yet they met a gloomy fate as the enemy won by 3-1. Gabe Human demonstrated extraordinary soccer skills.

Boys JV

Mitchell Latham.

On February 28, McCollum was no match for Medina Valley. The Panthers leapt into the leap year with a victory of 4-2. Helping the team were Alex Mendez, Justin Bentacourt, Rio Steinert, and Joaquin Rodriguez. 

On February 26, Harlandale did not have a chance against Medina Valley as the Panthers won by 2-1. Awesome moves were made by Ty Mangan, Justin Bentacourt, and Mitchell Latham.

Girls Varsity

On February 23, the ladies prevailed over McCollum by 3-1. Key players include Kaitlyn Davidson, Alyssa Salazar, Haileigh Bricker, and Mykelti Griggs.

On February 26, the ladies faced hardship as they lost to Harlandale by 3-2. Passionate Panthers include Alyssa Salazar, Mykelti Griggs, Kaitlyn Davidson, and Nadia Reyna.

Girls JV

On February 26, the team demolished Harlandale with a spotless victory of 5-0. Special scorers include Kailey Delgado, Summer Mosqueda, Paiten Ellis, and Jill Bettice.


On February 22, the boys golfed at Vaaler Creek Golf Course in Blanco. The team of Roman McNelly, Luke Krieger, Cameron Stone, and Alex Roth placed first out of the 14 total teams. Individually, Levi Keith placed first and Alex Roth tied with an opponent for third.


On February 23, the Varsity team beat the Somerset Bulldogs by 7-1. Great effort was given by Whitt Joyce, Jake Herb, Tyler Mangum, Jared Laque, Javi Gonzalez, Tanner Haby, JJ Marty, Bobby Peterson, Thomas Pardo, and Ethan Garza.

At the Marion Tournament during the last weekend in February, the team placed third and first in the Tourney. Jared Laque and JJ Marty earned All-Tournament Honors.



On February 23, the Varsity team won by 8-6 while competing against McCollum, with lots of help from Lauren Hendrickson, Trista Miller, Kylee Upton, Aubrey Dominguez, Katie Burris, and Gabrielle Cancino.

At the Jourdanton Tournament, Medina Valley played ruthlessly. On the first day, they beat Holy Cross by 6-2 and Rudder 5-4. However, they lost their winning streak on the second day in a loss against Navarro by 8-7. The Panthers regained their footing in time to beat Natalia by 3-1 and Devine 4-1 on the third day.


On February 23, JV defeated McCollum by 9-4 with help from Elena Gonzales and Madison Sotelo. 

At the Medina Valley Tournament, the ladies worked very hard but lost to both of their games: Carrizo Springs by 16-8 and Pearsall by 10-6. Exceptional performances were made by Xiomaira Miranda, Vivianna Diaz, Haley Marshall, and Ariel Fernandez.

Girls Track

On February 28, the Varsity Girls scored 260 at the Southside Cardinal Relays. The 4-by-100 relay team (Abril Fernandez, Isabelle Davis, Hannah Vierling, Ellie Austin) placed 2nd, the 4-by-200 relay team (Abril Fernandez, Elia Evans, Ellie Austin, Giovanna Ruiz) placed first, and the 4-by-400 relay team (Paiten Trowbridge, Clara Arroyos, Ileana Morales, Madelyn Alderidge) placed first. Individual champions include:

100 meter dash- Elia Evans in 2nd

200 meter dash- Haylee Hurtado in 1st, Elia Evans in 2nd, Giovanna Ruiz in 4th

300 meter dash- 

400 meter dash- Madelyn Alderidge in 1st, Shelby Center in 2nd, Giselle Baldwin in 3rd

800- Alianna Salazar in 1st, Tanith Chappie in 2nd, Madelyn Winecoff in 5th

1 mile- Macy Livingston in 1st, Alianna Salazar in 2nd, Kayleigh Corliss in 3rd

2 mile- Macy Livingston in 1st, Kayleigh Corliss in 2nd, Molly Clamon in 4th

Pole vault- Madelyn Alderidge in 1st

Shot put- Madison Sotelo in 1st, Essence Cummings in 3rd, Sarah Dailey in 5th

Long jump- Aleza Palomarez in 5th

High jump- Emily Hecker in 2nd, Haylee Hurtado in 3rd

Triple jump- Shelby Center in 2nd, Giselle Baldwin in 4th

Discus- Madison Sotelo in 2nd, Sarah Dailey in 5th

100 meter hurdles- Haylee Hurtado in 1st, 

300 meter hurdles- Essence Cummings in 2nd


The boys competed in the TSS UTSA Invitational. Kenneth Arroyos placed 1st and Ethan Wanat and Christian Nevarez tied for 3rd. An honorable mention is Trace Sagemuehl. Out of the 13 pioneer lifters, 11 have earned medals this season. Regional qualifiers include Leksi Martinez, Alexandra Aguilar, and Seth Bullard.

Go, Panthers!