Snow Shutdown

Winter storm took everyone for a whirl


Giorgette Ruiz, Staff Writer

The week of February 15 brought in a cold front that would affect Castroville and the rest of Texas drastically. With the freezing temperatures, common appliances were unable to be used. While some were worried about their safety and surviving this hard Old Man Winter, others looked on the brighter side.

“This winter storm could not have come at a better time,” senior James Anderson said. “I needed a break from school so bad and this just gave me an extra week to miss and take time for myself. Now I am more well-rested and caught up on sleep.”

The snow brought harsh conditions which made it impossible for people to go out and drive to their normal routines. However, many who have not experienced snow in their life

 took this opportunity to go out and have some winter fun.

“When I heard it was going to snow, I stayed up all night waiting for it to come,” junior Gabriella Hargis said. “When it hit midnight, I dressed as warm as I could, ran outside, and called my friend from down the street so she could experience it with me. We had a snowball fight with my little brothers, it was so fun.”

Unfortunately, the abrupt cold front froze generators and left families with no electricity or heat for almost 48 hours. Only residents close to a fire station, nursing home, or police station had power. Many were able to take comfort next to their fireplace, but some could no longer face the heat and went to their companions, who had power. 

“I went over to my friend’s house unknowing of the winter storm that was coming ahead,” sophomore Hailey Castillo said. “All of a sudden I get a call from my mom saying not to come home because the roads were iced over. I stayed with my friend for three days because she had power and I didn’t.”

Old Man Winter was surprising, to say the least, but with all its ups and downs, it brought people closer. As neighbors lent a helping hand, bonded with those who were trapped in the same household, and took advantage of the snow, the last brush of winter was needed.