Attack on Titan Season 4

Reviewing the top anime season of the decade.


Dominick Peralta, Staff Writer

One the biggest anime series of the decade, Attack on Titan, started airing its fourth season back in December of 2020. Already, with nine episodes, it has left its mark. Fans of the show have been on the edge of their seats waiting for over a year for the new season and it delivered in a large way.


“Season four was most definitely worth the wait,” senior Yasmine Fields said.

“The way that mood changed between the seasons is so drastic and dramatic. Eren is really sad and depressed this season.” 

It is no surprise that Attack on Titan season 4 took the number one spot of best season of any anime series, beating the previous record holder FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood. With an intriguing and story heavy plot that pulls in the viewers; it is near impossible to tear away from this series. 


“This season feels different compared to the other ones, it is a lot more dark and serious.” freshman Christopher Trussel said. “I really like all of the action this season, there has been more than enough to make me happy”


This season lives up to the hype that it has been given, gut wrenching betrayals to plot twists that put M. Night Shyamalan to shame. It is not only bringing back old fans of the franchise, but also a whole new audience to the world of anime.

“I miss the vibe that the other seasons gave off.” senior Valintina Alcintar said. “I like the new titans introduced but I miss the main characters from the last season.”