A Brave New Addition

Campus Hires Army Veteran for ROTC


Giorgette Ruiz, Staff Writer

The school hired a retired Air Force airmen, Retired Master Sergeant Lee Conrad, to be one of the Sergeants for the AFJROTC program.  He retired in May of 2018. Since then, he had been searching for a job that involved JROTC and stumbled across Medina Valley.

 “During my initial visit to the school, I immediately knew this was the place for me,” Conrad said. “The culture here, the diversity, the small-town feel. I could see the program was very well managed and had a long sustained climate of good citizenship that was in place. I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to be a part of this program.”

In late January, Chief Master Sergeant retired, and the school introduced Conrad to the department.

“I was a little intimidated after finding out we were going to receive a new Sergeant, but after meeting him, he seemed very nice and glad to be here,”  Seamus Williams, junior Cadet Major and Director of Operations, said. “I can’t wait to see how he coaches drill and the changes he makes here in ROTC.”

After being stationed in Alaska, Conrad took the motive to help out the local high school. The school was looking for a drill coach, and Conrad volunteered. In addition to helping with the team, he also helped out with the leadership camp. 

“This experience solidified my desire to do this job once I retired from active duty,” he said. “For me, this change was a bit of a surprise, and I was sad to leave my cadets at my school. In addition to leaving my cadets, I was also leaving my oldest daughter Zoey at her college.”

He hopes to get to interact and recruit more cadets from the main student body. As the ROTC compound keeps them a few distances away from the school, he hopes to bring more attention to the program. Additionally, he hopes to be part of the rebuilding as the school picks up on the lost ground and recovers from all the mishaps of COVID-19.

 “I think we can all say that the past year has been a roller coaster,” he said. “I want to add to the culture and push the program to new heights. I have spent my career doing many different jobs, and I have been around the world and would love to share that experience with you all.”

He encouraged any students with questions or needs any advice about joining the AirForce to feel free to ask!

“Thanks again for welcoming me to MVHS and welcoming me with Panther Pride!!”