Online Students VS Physical Activities

All students keep active and fit in their own ways

Nadine Zenner, Staff Writer

With online students doing work at home on the computer, they do not have the ability to do the physical activities they would be doing at school, but that does not mean that they do not have their own ways of staying active at home. Whether they are going to work or doing a little workout before or after school, they are still keeping active. Does that mean all online students are active? No, but most students are. 

Many people may say that working is not a type of physical activity. This is not true because anything that involves movement is considered physical activity. When you work, you are constantly moving, even if your job requires you to be sitting! When it comes to a job that requires you to sit, you use your arms and hands. You also have to walk to the building when you are starting work and away from the building when you are done with work. You also have to get up and move to use the bathroom or get something that is not at your desk. So, if a student is working at a job that seems like there is not physical activity involved, just remember that all jobs require at least a little bit of movement. 

“I work and am constantly walking around on my feet,” sophomore Chloe Hendricks said.

As for students without jobs, they have many ways of being physically active. Some students pick a designated time to work out while others do not work out. The students that do not work out do a variety of activities such as going to play outside or dancing.

“When I was doing online school, a way to keep myself productive was by doing my chores and practicing color guard,” sophomore Alexa San Miguel said. 

Whether they are working out, going to work, or doing neither, most students doing online learning are pursuing some type of physical activity.