“I have nothing to watch”

The revamping of some of the best shows from the past 30 years!!!


By Robert Rangel

With such trying times right now in quarantine, many of the usual activities we used to do have minimized to sitting in front of the TV. Now you might be saying “there’s nothing to watch!” WRONG! There are so many TV shows and movies to watch. The following list of shows only scratches the surface of iconic and unique storytelling that will leave you binging for days.

The Wonder Years (1988-1993)

Life as a child is hard. Whether it’s something we deal with in our personal lives or the predicament the world is under, we choose how we deal with these situations. 

In the American TV show The Wonder Years, we follow a young boy named Kevin Arnold as he grows up through such trying times, the Vietnam war. As years go on and as he grows up, he ultimately has to decide if his ego will get the best of him. 

Along with Kevin, we get to know his best friend Paul and his crush Winnie Cooper. We are also introduced to Kevin’s family. Jack Arnold, Kevin’s father, is a very hardworking but grumpy man looking out for his family; Norma Arnold is a very responsible and caring mother; Karen, Kevin’s older sister who is very invested in ‘Peace and Love’ in the world (my favorite character); Wayne is that sibling that ‘no one likes’ but at times has the best interest at heart. 

The Wonder Years is a very heartfelt show that the whole family can relate to and enjoy. It is a sort of life lesson that makes it very relatable and gives it a good meaning.

Friends (1994-2004)

Okay, Friends had to be on this list for obvious reasons. It is iconic, period. The show takes place in NYC in the 90s in what makes it feel like “a great time to be alive.” 

In the show, viewers follow a very tight group of 6 friends that makes us want them as our best friends. These friends are Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey. Ross Geller and Monica Geller are both siblings in the series. Ross is a very intelligent dude who loves dinosaurs, he is a paleontologist. Monica is a very well kept and organized woman who is also a chef. 

Rachel Green is the fashion gal of the group for obvious reasons and has gone through the best character development and is Monica’s life long best friend. Chandler Bing is the sarcastic funny guy but is very sensitive and he was Ross’s old college roommate. Joey Tribiani, Monica’s next-door neighbor, is a hunk actor that gets along very well with the ladies if you know what I mean. And, finally, Phoebe Buffay is the loveable spiritual hippie of the group who has been referred to as “somewhat of a question mark.” 

“My favorite character is Chandler because he is super relatable and he’s unapologetically himself which is cool’,” senior Sara Beth Beasley said. 

Through the 10 year run time, we see the friends face many obstacles like toxic relationships and finding ways to make it on their own. Friends’ quirky humor makes it feel like one of a kind and leaves you binging the series time and time again. 

“I like the show because it is a classic, I use Friends references way too much in real life, I love it because it is hilarious and definitely a comfort show. I’ve seen it all the way through like 6 times,” Beasley said.

Golden Girls (1985-1992)

There is no other way to describe Golden Girls other than perfection. Who would not love a tight group of sarcastic mature women living together? 

In the series, we follow Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, a group of women who have lived what some would say a full life with some of them either being divorced or widowed. But it is not done yet these gals are in their golden years, living life to the fullest. 

Dorothy Zbornak is a strong-willed woman with the most sarcastic comments and reactions to the other girls. Rose Nylund is very spacey. Blanche Devereaux a lustful southern gal. And Sophia Petrillo, Dorothy’s mother, is the matriarch of the group.

 “My favorite character is Sophia because of her witty comebacks. And I love the show because it brings me comfort and comic relief when I’m sad,” junior Jordan Schott said.

Through the episodes, each of the girls often clashes with each other but will always be there for one another.

Lost (2004-2010)

Compared to the last 3 shows, Lost is a whole other direction in the genre. This show follows a group of people whose plane crashed on a deserted island. 

The main characters Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, and many others have to find a way to survive and find rescue on the island. However, as the story progresses we learn about each of the character’s origins and the background and mystery of “The Island”; This, in turn, reveals the survivor’s reason for being on that “plane” and ultimately their destiny. 

The show’s theme transcends season to season from surviving on an island to religious views and even time travel that leaves the audience blown away.

These shows are truly amazing, way ahead of their time, and too great to not be watched nowadays. These programs, at the end of the day, display meaning and great life lessons that should not be overlooked. But if these shows did not sound appealing… start your searching now on any streaming service!!!


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