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Girls Soccer

Anna Adams, Staff Writer


Girls Varsity

At Southwest Legacy on February 7, the girls triumphed with a win of 43-32. Leaders include: Ileana Morales with 14 points and 4 steals; Clara Arroyos with 12 points and 9 rebounds; Katie Burris with 5 assists. With a season of 23 wins and 3 losses and a district record of 14 wins and 0 losses, the ladies will dribble in the playoffs next week.

Boys Varsity

On February 5, the boys beat Eagle Pass Winn by 61-36. Every teammate scored, and leading the way were Christopher Child with 13 points and Cristian Romo with 12.

The boys defeated Southwest Legacy on February 7 by 92-54. Commanding the court were the following players: Child with 18 points; George Valdez with 14 points; Romo with 13 points; Corbin Northcut with 10 points; Corey Roberson with 6 assists; Iverson McCray with 6 assists.

JV Boys

Up against Southwest Legacy on February 7, the Panthers claimed a 73-66 victory. Leading players include: Tanner Vaughn with 26 points; Jalen McBride with 22 points; Dylan Smith with 9 points; Jake Herb with 9 points.

Boys Freshmen

On February 2, the boys drove away Southwest Legacy with a win of 53-32.  Remarkable performances were observed in: Lorenzo Morales; Daniel Reza; Cameron Beatty-Jones; Manny Riojas; Sebastian Garza; James Martinez.


Boys Varsity

On February 5, the Panthers battled Southside and won by 3-2. Commendable athletes include scorers Oscar Gonzales, Gabriel Human, and Travis Barton; Barton provided the only assist.

The boys fought Harlandale on February 7 to the bitter end with a loss of 2-0.

JV Boys

On February 2, the boys lost to Harlandale Indians by 2-0.

Girls Varsity

The girls succeeded on February 2 against Harlandale by 4-3. Notable athletes include Kaitlyn Davidson, Savannah Perales, Alyssa Salazar, and Haileigh Bricker.

On February 5, the ladies beat Southside by 1-0. Nadia Reyna contributed a penalty kick.

Girls JV

The girls went undefeated against Harlandale on February 2 by 2-0. Important contributors include Jillian Bettice and Bethany Watson.


On February 3 and 4, both the boys and girls placed and set personal records at the TSS invitational. Girls who performed well include (according to respective weight classes): Alexandra Aguilar with 1st place; Mariana Perez with 3rd place; Leksi Martinez with 1st place and her third Best Lifter Award in a row. Boys who did great include: Jose Valdez with 2nd place; Jonathon Burns with 2nd place; Kenneth Arroyos with 1st place.

Girls Powerlifting
Boys Powerlifting

Great job, Panthers!