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Anna Adams, Staff Writer


The colors of the collars of tamed cats (and dogs) can be changed with dye and flowers.

Cats will not eat tropical fish.

Breeding two tamed cats will produce a kitten that is the same breed of at least one of the parents; kittens are born with collars that are the same color as its parent (respective to breed if both parents are different).

A red cat with a blue collar and a calico cat with a red collar produce a calico kitten with a red collar.

Siamese cats are the rarest cat breed in the game. Other breeds include tuxedo, tabby, red, calico, British shorthair, Persian,white, black, and ragdoll. Ocelots can be tamed into Siamese, tuxedo, and tabby cats.

Black cats can be found in witch huts.

Varieties of cats typically spawn near villages. Untamed cats kill rabbits and baby turtles; wild ocelots additionally kill chickens.

Tamed cats can sleep on a bed with the player and occasionally bring the player gifts in the morning, which can be rabbit hides, rabbit feet, string, rotten flesh, feathers, raw chicken, and even phantom membranes.

Creepers and phantoms are scared of cats.

Cats sit on chests, furnaces, beds, and crafting tables.

Cats and ocelots do not take fall damage.

In Bedrock Edition, half of the cats that spawn during a full moon will be black.


The name ‘Steve’ was introduced as a joke by Notch. Steve is about 6’1” according to the game code, though the code uses meters.

He can fly at 24.4 mph, sneak at 2.9 mph, walk at 9.7 mph, and run at 12.6 mph. 

Until the Beta version, Steve had a beard, which is often mistaken for a smile.

Players used to be able to spawn a ‘human’ mob by pressing ‘G’ on a keyboard; humans looked exactly like Steve.


Herobrine never was in the game at all. After YouTuber Copeland photoshopped him into a Minecraft video, Herobrine gained so much popularity that Copeland decided to continue the hoax; Mojang thought Herobrine was funny and allowed the myth to continue, even incorporating Herobrine into Mojang artworks.

Herobrine appears in a promotional poster.

The source code never included any references to Herobrine nor any entities that acted like him. Update 1.6.6 included the ‘removal’ of Herobrine; since then, there has been a reference to Herobrine in patch notes of the game.

Bonus Fact

Minecraft chickens would be three feet tall in real life.


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