Driver’s License: The love triangle

Teen romance, new singles


Artist Oliva Roderigo


Olivia Roderigo, teenage star, released her newest hit single “Driver’s license” on January 4, 2020. It had fans analysing every detail and leaving them wanting to know what this breakup song was about. 

Fans concluded that it had to be about rumored boyfriend/ co-star Joshua Bassett. Roderigo and Bassett worked together while filming “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” where it was rumored that they were dating while filming the first season of the show. 

Basset, 20 years old, and Roderigo, 17, supposedly split after he realized he was too old for her. He then was rumored to have gotten together with former Disney channel star and singer Sabrina Carpenter. Carpenter is famously known for her role of Maya, in the Disney series Girl meets World

Fans speculated that Carpenter was the blonde girl in Rodrigo’s lyrics that stated, “You’re probably with the blonde girl, who always made me doubt, she’s so much older than me, she’s everything I’m insecure about.” Carpenter, 21, was spotted eating lunch with Bassett; their relationship was never confirmed but they have been seen making TikToks with each other throughout quarantine. 

Roderigo has not confirmed nor denied if these assumptions are true. But her love triangle does not end here. After she released her song “Drivers License,” Bassett released his songLie, Lies, Lie.” Not long after, Sabrina Carpenter released a song called “Skin”, supposedly giving her inside scope to her and Bassett’s relationship. 

While Carpenter did release an Instagram statement saying that her new song was not about Roderigo or Basset but instead about her own personal battles, fans still speculate what really lies behind all three of their songs. Carpenter does in fact call Roderigo’s song “magnificent” and we cannot help but agree. 

In the end, no matter what, all three of the artists’ songs are great ones. In fact, Roderigo, who again is only 17, broke records. Her song had over 100 million streams on its debut day, surpassing artists like Ariana Grande, The Weekend, and Beyonce. All in all, her song touched the hearts of people world wide, and she definitely gained praise for it. Make sure to stream “Driver’s Licence,” you will not regret it.