Anxiety: The Plague Among Most Teens

A lot of teens are starting to feel the effects of anxiety


Dominick Peralta, Staff Writer

Anxiety is a feeling of constant worrying, nervousness or unease that people feel either due to stress or occurring  randomly. Statistics show one out of three teens across the US experience anxiety. With so much anxiety out there, what is the best way to stop it?


“I get anxiety mainly before any of my band competitions or a major test,” senior Kimberly Schaad said. “I feel it the most for classes like Calculus and Economics.”  


According to the “Anxiety and Depression Association of America” there are many private and small ways one can deal with rising anxiety. From breathing deep and slow breaths to simply taking a break from what you are doing and going back to it later.


“I like to count down from a hundred slowly until I start feeling more relaxed,” freshman Christopher Trussel said. “I also try to make small jokes to take my mind off of it.”


For those who are either embarrassed or scared that you are or have experienced anxiety, just know that it is perfectly normal and happens to a lot of people around the world. It is better to embrace your anxiety and find the best way to deal with it than for you to let it bottle up inside and become worse.


“Every morning I turn off my phone and just hangout with my dogs for like ten minutes and that always makes me calmer before a really stressful day,”

 senior Sara Beth Beasly said. “During the day if I start getting anxious, I usually try to stop what I am doing and take some deep breaths.”