Cheerleaders Win State Title


The 2021 State Title.

Anna Adams, Staff Writer

Injuries and quarantine orders are no match for our cheerleaders. Despite their numerous setbacks, they won the Fight Song division and the 2021 UIL State Title- while competing against 44 other teams. The peppy Panthers share their side of the story.

“During the competition I felt happy and thankful to be a part of such a great team,” junior and backspot Lauryn Reza said. She always brings a good attitude to cheer, the sport she has always loved since childhood; in return, cheer has helped her endure new challenges.

“I keep the positive vibes going 24/7,” passionate senior Ally Ripps said, claiming her role on the team is as the “hype man.”

“It was so thrilling to know that we did it as a team and we left our mark for the incoming varsity team,” senior Mia Hinajosa said, an ex-gymnast who now works as a base and a tumbler. Regardless of her COVID-19 diagnosis, she continued practicing, even if that meant at home.

“It felt weird to be cheering for no one,” junior, tumbler, and base Sydney Aelvoet said. However, Aelvoet says that her love for cheer kept her going and describes winning the UIL State Title as “amazing” and “indescribable.” 

Since age three, senior and co-captain Emma Bauml has been a cheerleader. Despite being an online learner, Bauml, working alongside senior and co-captain Gracelyn Snider, helped make decisions and prepare her teammates for victory.

“I was proud of our performance our team put out on the mat,” senior and backspot Liana Garriga said. She feels cheer is a fun way to show school spirit and, optimistic as ever, believes not a single roadblock crossed her path.

“Cheer brings me happiness and a drive to do the impossible that no one thinks can be done,” sophomore Rylie Human said, who specializes in tumbling and side and main bases. Although multiple last-minute changes had to be made during the season, Human refused to give up, knowing people rely on the support cheerleaders give. She was a bit anxious during the fast-paced competition, but her excitement and drive for excellence was even stronger.

During the pandemic, the cheerleaders had it tough- many events were cancelled and they had no audience for some of the pep rallies. However, this passionate set of ladies were determined to win, and win they did- bringing home a title Medina Valley has never won before. Kudos to our cheerleaders! 

The cheerleaders with their hard-earned state title.