Uprising of Anime

A Unique Form of Television


Giorgette Ruiz, Staff Writer

A new craze has re-taken teenagers by storm: anime. Originated in Japan, anime is enjoyed and watched globally and comes in many forms and genres. Anime is Japanese animation either done by hand or on a computer. 

It is estimated to originate in the 20th century, and it mainly took its form after World War II. It was used as a form of entertainment in the young medium of television and boomed rapidly. Due to the enjoyment worldwide, many shows are dubbed in English for better viewing pleasure or subbed.

“My friend got me hooked on anime by convincing me to watch Naruto,” junior Alyssa Council said. “It was like my whole life changed by that one experience. I’m binging so many left to right.”

Anime developed its form of art style, much like Pixar or Dreamworks. Numerous animations originate from manga, which is a Japanese graphic novel. Mangas go further in-depth than the shows aired and could range to 40-50 volumes long. There are some volumes in the school’s library for anyone to check out.

“I go on so many websites to read manga,” sophomore Kaden Tedder said. “I enjoy them more than the shows because the character development is much better. The graphics are amazing, and I get to read the whole story without waiting for the show to be updated.”

Popular shows such as Naruto, One Piece, and HunterxHunter, present an action-filled adventure with the protagonist versus the antagonist. Additionally, these animes can range from one season to so many more. For example, Naruto, the first series, packs in 220 episodes. If that is not enough, Naruto Shippuden contains 500 episodes with a spin-off as well, Boruto, with 183 episodes.  Naruto Shippuden

Naruto is a classic when it comes to anime and has an amazing storyline,” English teacher Alexandra Magill said. “I was recovering from being very ill, and I couldn’t move around much. I remember feeling so happy being able to just binge-watch the show with Robbie [her husband] without having to exhaust myself. There was just something satisfying about going through it all.” 

Another genre that sweeps the anime community is romance anime. These capture the sweetness while throwing in humor in storytelling. Shows like Maid Sama, Bunny Girl Senpai, and Toradora depict a story of two characters who are rooted to be together. However, the storytellers love to drag on the story to build anticipation. 

Other romance anime are more heartfelt and have a dramatic aspect to them. For example, A Silent Voice, Your Lie in April, and A Tale of Memories have a sort of essence to them that will pull on the audience’s heartstrings.

“An amazing romance anime I’ve seen was Violet Evergarden,” junior Ryan Simpton said. “It is romance at its core because Violet is trying to figure out the meaning of ‘I love you’ and how to learn about her true emotions.”Violet Evergarden

There are much more anime to enjoy, no matter what mood of the audience. The diverse and intoxicating stories can leave one wanting more in one sitting than any other. Find a show that is right for you, and open your world to a new culture of television.