The Inauguration of Joe Biden

A New Era for all Americans

Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

No matter your views in politics, January 20 was an important day for all Americans; it marked the end of an era, whether the era was good or bad is up to you and your beliefs to decide, but one thing cannot be argued, this event will forever mark the beginning of a new era for America as a whole.


The inauguration was very quiet compared to most inaugurations; obviously, due to COVID-19 there were no crowds of people, however, there was media and over 20,000 members of the National Guard in attendance, this is because of the traumatic January 6 event where rioters looted at the United States Capitol.

The National Guard outside the Capitol  (PC: Matt Hecht/National Guard/Pool /Latin America News Agency)

There was fear and anticipation of another violent act due to the storming of the capital just 14 days beforehand. This fear and anticipation gave the whole inauguration ceremony a sort of anxiety-riddled atmosphere up until the Oath of Office was over. 

But onto the actual event itself, it was filled with speeches and performances, with all types of people making an appearance:  a youth poet,  religious leaders, and big-name singers performing from the morning (Lady Gaga, JLO, and Garth Brooks) until night (Demi Lovato, Tim McGraw, John Legend, and more). 


Then, after all the build-up of the morning, America finally got to the inauguration itself with Joe Biden officially swearing-in as President and taking the Oath Office. After which, he made his inaugural address. He spoke of the concerns of the American people, focusing mainly on a message of unity and a brighter future together moving forward as a less destructive and all-around better country.

President Biden during his Inaugural Address (PC: ABC News Inauguration Live Stream)

It is also noteworthy to point out that he consistently reminded people of democracy throughout his speech. Not long after Kamala Harris was sworn in as Vice President of the United States, making history as the first woman VP, her speech held a similar tone to the President’s with the focus on hope and unity as one nation.

So with all that, what was the impact of the inauguration? Besides that Joe Biden is now president, the event is important in showing that President Biden is not seeking to focus solely on the Democratic Party’s agenda but instead to assure every person in America that there is indeed still hope left and that our country, as a whole, needs to unify in order to move forward–past this pandemic, past this political tension, past all the petty issues that seek to divide us and to bring about a future better for all people.