A 2020 recap

The year that changed us all

A 2020 recap

Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer

A lot can happen in one year. 365 days. 525,600 minutes. It is not much of a stretch to say that 2020 was not what we expected it to be. Being the turn of a new decade, we expected the world to explode into a bright ball of Gatsby-esque parties and celebrations of life. Instead,what was supposed to be a year of being together was spent apart. 


Kicking off with self isolation and distance from friends and family, many people found many opportunities to look inside themselves to do some soul searching. 

Many people learned new skills such as painting, baking, and crocheting. Some took to the outdoors and some watched a ridiculous amount of Tik Toks, people  took this opportunity to take care of themselves in a way that life before had made nearly impossible. 

It is funny the way we focus on the most important and raw aspects of life just when we feel like it is all going to slip away. And then it does not and we are left with so much more than before.


“2020 was definitely challenging for us all but if we remember to stay positive, we can take these lessons to help prepare us for our futures,” senior Ethan de Villers said. 


We all face hardships; sometimes we face them together or we decide to brave the storm on our own. 2020 taught me that though struggle is a universal human struggle, so is surviving despite it all. 

When we take the challenges life gives us and create something beautiful out of the bad, we prove to ourselves that we are capable of overcoming any and every  adversity that lies in our path.