I’m a mess with all this stress

We all have it


stress relieving activities

Marina Garcia , Student Life and Sports Editor

This year has been one of the most stressful years that students have gone through. From having to start online school with no explanation to having to stay home for 5 months straight; and, when that was over, immediately having to go back to school with a fraction of their classmates, or staying home and only seeing a computer screen. 

While everyone’s thoughts and opinions about the COVID-19 virus are different, one thing remains the same; we are all stressed. 

How do we find the end of the rainbow in this stressful world? Many people during quarantine and summer found new hobbies to keep them entertained. 

 “It gave me something to do, and it was really fun to make something,” said junior Giorgette Ruiz. Ruiz found pockets of peace by embroidering clothing. 

Many people also worked out as a stress reliever. Exercising pumps up your endorphins, which is when your brain feel-good neurotransmitters. 

“It kept my mind and body active at a time where I wasn’t really doing anything besides work,” senior Dominick Peralta said. “It also gave me something to look forward to.”  

Although we assumed the stress would be over, it did not stop once summer ended. COVID-19 is still an active problem. With more and more students coming back, more and more cases keep on rising in school and around the country. Not only do students and teachers have to worry about the COVID-19, but also about school. 

Teachers have a lot of stress on their plates, with teaching in-person and online students, grading papers in time, and making sure students know how to do the work. 

“It takes three times longer to grade anything, because online students often don’t turn in things on the day that it is due and I keep on having to backtrack assignments,” Journalism and English teacher Caitlin Schmidt said.

Even though things are still not back to “normal,” we must try to remain calm and find the positives that life has to offer. If school has you stressed, take a minute to breathe and compose yourself before you start back up again. 

We as a whole must remind ourselves that we are doing everything that we can to fight this. We really are all in this together.