Shawn Mendes: In Wonder

A Look into and Review of Shawn Mendes’ new documentary

Shawn Mendes: In Wonder

Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

Getting straight into it, “In Wonder” is a great, really well done documentary. It starts out with him giving background to his life and his rise to fame mixed in with current times. It also goes through the beginning of his tour, but only after you learn all about his past. The documentary focuses on the present solely from there on out.  

From that point on the documentary is mainly centered around his life during his “Wonder” tour, showing everything going on during this timeframe from his journey around the world and his concerts, to producing music, to meeting people, and his personal life. 

It has some flaws, such as jarring cutaways and almost filler-like scenes of Shawn just practicing singing or messing with a guitar without any real substance to it, but I think those can be excused by the feeling the documentary is going for: the feeling of being there. The watchers are experiencing everything, while at the same time he is telling stories all about his past and personal life while the documentary adds in footage and clips in the foreground, this adding so much to the documentary itself with connecting you to his experiences and making you feel like you genuinely know Shawn Mendes quite a bit. 

The documentary is also made that much better by all the choices the production crew made, with professional and business/concert scenes being filmed like an average documentary, then the more real moments with Shawn backstage or meeting fans or just going through one of the many experiences he has is filmed on a shaky, first person camera giving it a very authentic feel while the other one, like I said has a professional vibe. 

Something I would like to point out is that, it actually makes a point to say there is no theme to the documentary, and it was basically just to show you his experiences, good and bad, which there is actually quite a bit of despite the lighthearted and down to earth tone, with the bad being a huge part of the second half, but you will just have to see exactly what that struggle is for yourself.


All in all, it is a good “movie” with some flaws, but enjoyable nonetheless. Even if you are not a Shawn Mendes fan, it is a fun watch and is interesting since it portrays his celebrity pop star side and all that comes with it while also showing he is just an average guy going out there because of his love for music.