The Art of Destress

Therapeutic crafts to relax during difficult times


Giorgette Ruiz, Staff Writer

Stress piles on, it is normal. With the rising amount of homework, exams, and not to mention COVID-19 cases, it is hard to find relaxation and comfort. Some students have turned to their favorite shows for reassurance, but others took this as an opportunity to unlock their artistic side. With the help of TikTok trends, students all around got inspired by crafts such as frame painting, sewing, crocheting, dancing, baking, and so much more.

“Since quarantine started, I taught myself how to knit, paint, and attempted to play tennis,” junior Sierra Christa said. “I perfected my solo for regional band auditions, I learned how to play the ukulele, and I tried to sing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. These things gave me a sense of personal peace and my own personal world where Covid didn’t exist.”

Art therapy is a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being. This will assist people to bring out their creativity and help them discover a part of themselves they never knew of. Nevertheless, arts are not limited to solely painting and drawing, it can be applied to any task where an outcome is made, such as baking.

“I learned how to perfect my Challah bread over quarantine and this school year,” senior Mackenzie Noakes said. “Baking, I believe, is very therapeutic, especially while working with my hands.  I first learned how to make it in my theatre camp and when I first baked it, it was very flat. I kept practicing, and at Thanksgiving, I finally accomplished it. It is so rewarding and validating to make something and see, 2 hours later, that is the best it can be.”

Arts and crafts are more helpful and one can imagine. Working hard and seeing a finished product is proven to raise your spirits. Grab a paintbrush, bake a cake, write a story. Whatever it may be will help you and others take your mind off of the crazy year of 2020.