The Charm of Childhood Nostalgia

Running down memory lane with childhood memories


Patrick Rangel, Staff Writer

Staff Writer Patrick Rangel

One of the best things about growing up is being able to look back at our childhood. When we think about nostalgic memories from our childhood we would often think about the cringiest photos and style we used to have as children, but it is really about looking back on things we grew up on–w it was Hannah Montana or Cool Math games. All we will ever want to do is look back and remember these great memories.

Our TV shows!

One thing that most 2000s kids can all relate to is that we grew up on the exciting, dramatic, and hilarious media spectacle that is Disney Channel. Shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, Kim Possible, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody are just some of the many hits that 2000s kids adore. Other channels like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are no exception. From the cringiest shows to the catchiest theme song, nothing will ever be as good as watching these shows for nostalgia sake. Another thing a lot of us can relate to is the fiery crushes from our shows that sometimes led to our preferences right now. 

“The most nostalgic thing for me is Spongebob, because I remember waking up every morning and watching it and being able to go to school and talk about it with my friends,” junior Gwen Sanders said. 

Childhood Toys 

As children, nothing was ever as good getting presents on Christmas or our birthdays, we just want everything under the sun. Toys gave us the opportunity to escape reality and enter new realities of Lego cities or the world of Barbie’s everyday life. 

Video Games

One of the most exciting things ever was being able to play a round of Subway Surfers, a game that scratches the surface of what fulfilled the “harsh” life of a child. Whether you were a Playstation or Xbox fan one thing we all knew is that video games were life. If you were playing the epic yet violent Mortal Kombat or even the cutest character on LittleBigPlanet, it is some of the best experiences ever and that’s on what? But of course, nothing was as good as getting to play games at school on sites like Hooda Math. Hooda Math just added a flavor that was so exciting and just felt like heaven. 

“[My favorite memory of games at school is] getting on Poptropica in elementary school and having competitions to see who could solve an island first,” senior Sara Beth Beasley said.  

Singers, Singers, and Bands

Music from our childhoods may be the most nostalgic to the majority of people growing up. But now in a time of wanting to be young kids again, this music opens doors to many eras in our youth. Whether it is Katy Perry’s “California Girls” or Maroon 5’s “Payphone”.


Mm Mmm the one thing that we all love more than anything. Food makes its way to us, whether it was Spencer’s Spaghetti tacos or Spongebobs Krabby Patty. These were all foods we never knew we needed. “Something that makes me nostalgic is red jello haha, I ate like 12 cups in one day when I was like 6 and now I can’t eat Jello without thinking about it,” junior Allison Whitley said.

It is very exciting yet sad when we look back at our childhoods. It is the little things that we experience that bring us back to when we were younger. Like Hannah Montana, this is the best of both worlds for us. It is always hilarious to hear about other people’s version of what they find nostalgic. Although we cannot go back to experience these memories again, only now and forever we can cherish what these things did for us growing up and how we will remember them.