Living at the Top

Macy Livingston qualifies for the Cross Country State Championship


PC: Paul Tubridy, MVHS Press

Aya Kasim, Editor-in-Chief

On November 9, the cross country team competed in their regional meet at Corpus Christi A&M. History was made when the group earned the highest places in the team standings since cross country began at Medina Valley. And though the boys and girls team unfortunately did not advance to the State competition, one individual did: Macy Livingston! 

Named district champion for the third year in a row and finishing in the top 10 runners at Regionals, Livingston will compete in the State Championship on Monday, November 23 at Round Rock.

Livingston and her teammates celebrating her advance to State

“My mindset going into regionals was to run a tactical race,” Livingston said. “I went out too fast my junior year and paid for it. I got injured by overtraining and taking my recovery runs too fast.”

Livingston started the season coming back from a plantar fasciitis injury that occured because of overtraining, high-speed recovery runs, and the tolls of sitting all day for virtual learning in the spring. As one of her biggest obstacles this year, Livingston dedicated her efforts to regaining her speed and strength.

“The first few meets were fairly slow, but I managed to find myself consistently in the top five,” Livingston said. “I began to hit my stride the second MV invitational, and have been a whole lot more confident in my racing abilities since then!” 

Livingston has had speedy and consistent interval days for the past few weeks. Healthy and fit, she is well prepared for an elite meet.

“My goal is to break 19 minutes and hopefully PR (personal record),” Livingston said. “I want to place in the top 50 and have a better start than regionals.”

November 23 will be her second time competing at the state level for cross country. Her first time was two years ago in which she placed in the top 100 with 19:41.31.

“This time at state, I plan on not giving myself any expectations or unnecessary pressure,” Livingston said. “I plan on running a tactical race and sticking with girls who can push me to a solid time and place!”

Livingston has been running cross country for three years and, as with any dedicated athlete, she has had to make sacrifices. However, despite the missed football games, strict sleeping schedule, healthy eating, and weekend morning workouts, cross country has her heart.

Livingston hugging her mom, one of her biggest supporters, at regionals.

“I love the fluidity of cross country,” Livingston said. “Every course is different; some have crazy awful hills, some are super fast, some (one) are located by a sewage treatment plant. Young runners–love the sport! If not, love the people in the sport with you. Some of my greatest friends have come from this team.”

Deciding this is not the end for her and the sport, Livingston will attend the University of South Alabama next fall as a member of their cross country team.

PC: Macy Livingston

“I’m looking forward to being a part of an already successful team that has international and american athletes on it,” Livingston said. “I’m getting to be a part of a conference that has a couple of Texas teams in it, so I know there will be chances to compete here. 

For the State Championship and the future, good luck, Macy!! Thank you for all you have contributed to your team and Medina Valley as a whole.