Here Comes the Brides

A story full of laughs and love


PC: Natalia Lozano

Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writter



The onset of COVID- 19 has ensured that this year will be like no other. The MVHS Panther Players are amongst the many students who have had to completely change and rearrange plans for the year, However, the entire cast has managed to provide an hour and a half of laughter and fun, helping viewers forget just how crazy the outside world is right now. The debut performances from almost half the cast proves not to be a problem, rather an opportunity to provide a fresh and balanced take to the traditional fall play. 


“The number one problem is definitely being able to project while wearing a mask…It’s also hard to build relationships with your castmates when you can hardly see their face…but every challenge is accepted,” said junior Allison Whitley. 

Jimmy Took’s only living relative is Uncle Dan. Uncle Dan is very wealthy and generous, sending money anytime Jimmy requires it. When Uncle Dan explains to Jimmy he is coming down and wants to meet his stunning new bride, Jimmy is thrown for a loop.  Afraid that Uncle Dan will think he deliberately lied to him, Jimmy frantically tries to find somebody, anybody to be his wife! After several refusals from other candidates, Jimmy’s roommate, Bill, against his better judgment, gets dressed up as a girl in order to remain in Uncle Dan’s good graces, ensuring chaos and lots of laughs.

“I saw the show opening night and it was hilarious!” Coach Schmidt said. “We were laughing out loud most of the way through and the masks did not hinder the punchlines at all.”