Halloween Costume Recap (2020 Edition)

What did people wear in the year without Trick or Treating

Halloween Costume Recap (2020 Edition)

Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that this year has been full of changes, but with everything going on, no one stopped to think about what was going to happen with Halloween. It seemed as if most people just knew that there was not going to be much Trick-or-Treating. But that did not stop people from wearing costumes in the usual Halloween tradition. Here we will discuss those people, the ones who still chose to keep the tradition going by dressing up for our favorite spooky holiday. 

However restricting this year has made Trick or Treating, this did not keep people from dressing up, giving their best effort to represent themselves the only way they can this time of year. But to be able to recap the costumes of Halloween 2020, we have to not only see what people wore at Medina Valley, but what was popular around America.


Around America people of course many are making Coronavirus related costumes according to Scott Morris, a co-owner of a costume store who said “Coronavirus-related costumes like hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and illustrations of the virus itself have boomed, People are also dressing up as rolls of toilet paper in a nod to the obsessive stockpiling of the item during the early months of the pandemic.” 


Many people have taken to dressing up as popular TV show and video game characters from this year due to the lack of movies, a quick glance at most social media’s on October 31st and you could see multiple “Avatar: The Last Airbender” costumes, as well as makeshift “Among Us” costumes. 


Now let us get into the more interesting part of what the people of MVHS wore this year.


Here at Medina Valley many still wore costumes just like the rest of the country, with many topical costumes such as Jackson Bitters wearing an Among Us outfit and Kadence Griffin being a person attacked by an Amazon Box. Then as with all Halloween’s were the classic costumes like zombies.


In the end, no matter what you chose to do for Halloween, whether it be stay at home and chill, dress up with family and/or friends, or if you did not wear a costume at all. Halloween brought something that is much needed during such a chaotic year as this one, that only certain holidays can bring, the feeling of escapism and peace by being able to dress up and be whatever you want.