No need to Dash the Dine-in anymore

Restaurants in Castroville are open for dine-in

Marina Garcia, Student Life and Sports Editor


Due to COVID-19, restaurants were affected by how they could serve people. Most people who went to restaurants or fast food chains went in and sat in their dining rooms. Now, due to regulations, the new norm is people going through drive-thru or curbside only, getting their food delivered, or just staying home. 

Once reported cases in the San Antonio area began to go down, some restaurants started to open their dining rooms back up again. At first, only sit down restaurants were doing the dining rooms with a small capacity number, and now it is fast food chains too. In Castroville most restaurants and fast food chains are now back to both dine-in and drive-thru. 

However, even though most of the fast food chains in Castroville are dine-in they are still not at full capacity. 

“ [Pizza Hut is] only operat[ing] half of our dining service with four different booths and one large dining table for larger families,”  former student Moses Cortez said. 

Some fast food chains like Whataburger only have their dining rooms open from certain times to keep the dining room clean. 

“It has definitely made sanitization a lot easier as we are able to do a deep clean in our restaurant overnight,” senior James Alvarado said.  

Both fast food chains are taking precautions for the health of their employees as well as their customers. 

Bush’s Chicken is the last fast food chain not to have the dining room open, but it is being said that they will be opening up as soon as possible.