College Callbacks

A feature on our seniors and their acceptances into their dream schools.


Janelle De Jesus , Feature Editor

With the semester almost over here at our home away from home, students, and more importantly, seniors, plan ahead for what comes next after high school. The days of hiding your phone in class and getting away with ripped jeans are coming to close as our seniors prepare to receive their diplomas in one hand, and face life with the other. 

“My scholarship is all academic,” senior Miller said, “I am in a really good program that placed first out of all D3 schools, I truly am so excited to be a Tiger and I can’t wait to go play some ball!” “The moment I got my acceptance letter is one I won’t forget,” said senior Kailey Joy, “I’ve never been so excited to start a new chapter.” 

Recently here at our school, we held a signing for senior Trista Miller to continue her career in softball at East Texas Baptist University. She, among several other seniors like Kyla Solis, who will be playing volleyball for Clemson, have chosen to further their athletic careers. 

We are more than proud of these students and wish them the best in their upcoming seasons next fall. While they are moving on to different mascots, we are sure to see some lovely Panthers at their new university bleachers. 

“The moment I got my acceptance letter is one I won’t forget,” said senior Kailey Joy, “I’ve never been so excited to start a new chapter.” 

Aside from our lovely athletes, there are plenty of other outstanding students here at home that plan to further their careers in their own personal interests. In our culture of excellence, we have students who are willing to do what it takes to make a difference. 

As a senior , I cannot fathom the amount of happiness I have towards not only myself, but my colleagues and friends. 

“I remember when I got my letter I was ecstatic,” said senior Mia Hinojosa, “I practically jumped into my mom’s arms and told her my next chapter was about to start.” 

With our chapter of high school closing, a new chapter opens. Seniors get ready to move on and be adults. To every senior applying into schools, going into the army, taking a year off, or simply succeeding by graduating high school: I am proud of you, this year has been a tough one, but we are most definitely all in this together. 


The following list is not one, but several seniors’ schools that they are planning to attend next fall. From left to right: name, school, and major


Arianna Suniga, University of Texas in Austin, Nursing 

Courtney Taupier , Northwest Vista College, Biology

James Alvarado, San Antonio Mortuary School of Science, Applied Sciences in Funeral 


Kailey Joy, Texas Tech University, Pre-Nursing 

Leksi Martinez, University of Texas at San Antonio, Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Macy Livingston, South Alabama, Finance and Economics 

Marina Garcia, Texas State University, Business and Fashion Merchandising

Mia Hinojosa, Texas A&M University, Business and Sports Management 

Natalie Hickman, University of Texas at San Antonio, Environmental Science 

Roxanna Mireles, McCombs School of Business at University of Texas in Austin, Fiance 

Sara Beth Beasley, Colorado School of Mines, Mechanical Engineering 

Trista Miller, East Texas Baptist University, Nursing