StuCo Deciphers Red Ribbon Week

Anna Adams, Staff Writer

Well-known for its dress-up days, Red Ribbon Week celebrates being drug-free. Members of Student Council explain the meanings of the clothing prompts they schedule throughout the week.

Monday is twin day, which emphasizes the strength and support a friend can provide by prompting students to wear matching outfits. 

Senior secretary Essence Cummings claims she participates not only to show support, but to emphasize school spirit, as well.

“Your world can be so much brighter without drugs,” senior class vice president Macy Livingston said. 

Wearing colorful tie-dyed clothing on Tuesday reinforces the message by brightening up the school day.

“On Wednesdays we wear pink,” is an iconic quote from Mean Girls that StuCo incorporates into Red Ribbon Week. In accordance with the prompt, students clad in pink roam the campus to raise breast cancer awareness on Wednesday.

“Give your mind a chance to relax and don’t do drugs!” Livingston said. Hawaiian themes rock the halls on Thursday to oppose the anxiety and depression that results from drug use.

Red- the color of awareness, according to Cummings- is everywhere on Friday to end the week with a final reminder to stay sober. Livingston believes that rejecting drugs “sets you up for… a higher quality of life” and encourages students to “hopefully, make the right [decisions].”

Whether the daily prompt is to wear red or go Hawaiian, the message remains the same: stay off of drugs.