Too Soon for Christmas

The opinions on the Holiday Season’s start

Too Soon for Christmas

Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

Christmas is many people’s favorite time of year, for they are reminded of the simpler and better days of their childhood. Christmas time has such a positive aura to it that you would want to have it year round, but unfortunately, the season has to end eventually. But what about its beginning? 

Each year, the Christmas season has started earlier and earlier, with radio stations playing the season’s music, stores setting up decorations, and people setting up even more festive decorations than the stores earlier and earlier. 

The phenomenon was coined “Christmas Creep.” There seems to be no in between the love and hate of the extension of the Christmas season earlier into the Fall months, but what do people actually think about this yearly tendency? 

Many have debated this in articles and online polls, with reaching a consensus of 81% of voters thinking Christmas starts too early. People claiming that it makes time go by “also makes some of us feel robbed of not just time, but of our fond memories.” Renuka Rayasam stated in an article by the BBC. 

But enough of the people on the Internet, what do the students and staff of Medina Valley think? 


When conducting the poll at MVHS, Mr. Hurley stated “[Christmas starting too early] does bother me, I feel like I cannot enjoy the other holidays because Christmas ends up hanging over our heads and we have to deal with it instead of enjoying Thanksgiving or Halloween.” This trend continued with both Mrs. Dear and Mrs. Flores emphasizing that the Christmas season is coming too soon every year. 

“I think it adds a lot of pressure. The thought of being prepared is really emphasized. And, as a full time employee, finding the time to shop authentically is hard,” Dear said.

“I think we should wait until at least December 1st to put up any decorations or Christmas items. That is one thing that comes too early! Oct should be Halloween, Nov Thanksgiving, and Dec Christmas!” Flores said.

There you have it, truly a remarkable conclusion, but they do not represent everyone, what are your opinions on the issue of Christmas starting earlier every year? 

Leave a comment below to help us decide once and for all if Christmas is coming too soon every year.