Changing The Culture

We can change the culture of our school if we know the facts first

Changing The Culture

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Nadine Zenner, Staff Writer

Some students at our school wonder why the only dance we have is prom, and some students wonder why we do not have things such as spirit days every Friday and food/bake sales. Some may wonder that our school does not have these things just because. There are reasons as to why we do not. 

A lot of students talk about wanting more school dances. Before bringing up that they want more dances, students should ask why we do not have them already. In the years 2015 and 2016, our school had two homecoming dances hosted by the student council. Time, money, and effort were put into these dances because students expressed their opinion for wanting to have them dances. In 2015, not even half of the students that were going to our school attended the dance. 

“In 2015, there were approximately 1159 students enrolled at Medina Valley

High School,” student council sponsor Mrs. Mack said. “That year, approximately 250 students came to the dance, which is only 20% of the student population at the time.”

In 2016, a similar problem occurred.

“The following year, 2016, the same percentage of students purchased

tickets for the Homecoming Dance, however, everyone who purchased tickets did not attend,” Mrs. Mack said. 

That same year, 2016, students said they wanted a formal dance held on a Saturday, so the student council put together a winter dance. Like the homecoming dances in 2015 and 2016, time, money, and effort was put into this dance. Only ten students purchased tickets for that dance, so it was canceled. 

If we, as a student body, want dances in the future, then we must express it and show up. Dances take a lot of money to prepare, and if no one attends to them, that is a waste of money and time. 

When it comes to spirit days, we have two different weeks dedicated to those. One being red ribbon week, and the other being homecoming week. We also have spirit days in support for playoffs for different sports and Purple Up! Day for the month of the military child. If we were to have spirit days every Friday, that would take the fun away from the spirit days that we already have.

“Nothing is stopping kids from showing school spirit on game days or Friday, but hosting a full blown spirit event is only special because it is not something we do all the time,” English teacher Coach Schmidt said.

If we had a food/bake sale, it would be for a fundraiser. When we talk about this, we need to think of laws and guidelines. State law says that we can not compete with school lunch sales. This means that we can not sell food during lunch or 30 minutes before and after school. Also, when selling food products, we have to be considerate of allergens. Many baked goods are baked with products that consist of common allergens: milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts and wheat. If the goods are made at home, rather than being store bought, then there would be a possibility of the food being contaminated. These factors would make it hard to do a food/bake sale.     

Before we say we want something, we should think about why we do not have it. If we want things to change at our school, we have to make sure every student, or at least half of the amount of students, at our school are on board with it.