Students Reveal Supernatural Encounters



Anna Adams, Staff Writer

Ghosts are iffy in the world of science, but many of our students have had supernatural encounters, ranging from visits beyond the grave to school poltergeists. 

Perched on a bench outside of the Panther Dome, freshman Kaelyn Howard regales with her spooky encounter. 

Once, she had been watching TV while home alone when, without warning, the TV turned off. Initially, Howard thought the cat had done something, but she soon found herself to be utterly alone. Then, as the lights began flickering, Howard grew scared and ran to call her mother, when the TV suddenly turned back on. The notion of a power outage was null because of the lights, and overall, ¨it was scary.¨

“We’re convinced that [a classroom] is haunted,” sophomores Shelby Center and Sarah Adams agree. The friends had been in a classroom, when an unoccupied desk- the teacher, who usually sat there, was elsewhere- began to make noise. Yet, when another teacher sat at the same desk later, all was silent. 

A few weeks after the desk phenomenon, Adams and Center were working on geometry assignments when an isolated metal cabinet in the back of the room went BANG! Pounding ensued from inside of the cabinet, but when students got up to investigate, they found the cabinet to be absolutely empty. 

On multiple occasions, Adams has heard someone whispering her name from the back of the room, only to see no one there.

Not all ghosts are scary. Senior Abril Fernandez sits at a table in the courtyard as she speaks. 

One year, on the week of the anniversary of the death of her grandfather, who had died from complications related to smoking, paid the Fernandez family a visit. 

Her mother walked into the kitchen to grab a snack, when she smelled cigarette smoke. Nobody in the Fernandez family has smoked since the death of her grandfather, so when her mother recognized the smell, the family felt comforted, happy and at peace.

Anyone can encounter the unexplainable, from skeptics to full-on believers. Perhaps vampires and werewolves are not real, but not all paranormal phenomena are necessarily mere folklore.