Our Role in the Presidential Election

vote president election november 3 circle design

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vote president election november 3 circle design

Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer

The foundation of our democracy is the phrase “We the People.” This sentiment has defined our nation for the past 500 years, and every four years, we the people get the opportunity to select the next leaders of our nation. 

“In all of our education, we learned about voting and the impacts it has,” senior Katharine Rodriguez said. “It’s crazy that we now get to be involved in the process.”  

As seniors, many students begin to face big decisions: where we go to college, what we want our futures to look like, and who we want to be. For some seniors, these big choices extend to deciding who the next leader of our country will be. For many students, this is an opportunity to finally feel heard and leave a lasting impact on our government and legislation. 

“It’s important to exercise your right to vote, to create change in the nation you want to see by finding the candidate you feel best represents the American people,” senior Thomas Ellison said. 

Participation in both local and national government not only creates the future of our country, but also a strong sense of personal worth. It is important for young people to begin their involvement in government as soon as they can. Why? Because young people ARE the future. So if you can, go vote! We are all a part of something much bigger, so go out and do your thing!