Insider on MVHS fine arts updates

A special look at recent and upcoming fine arts events.

Insider on MVHS fine arts updates

Staff Writer Robert Rangel

Medina Valley High School has been rocking through this 2020 school year with students being able to enjoy their time in clubs like dance, band, and theatre but under very strange circumstances. Through this pandemic run school system, let us take a look at all  fine arts updates and more!


Ever since the summer of 2020, the bandhas been soaring through the 2020 school year. Take a look at recent events and events to look out for. Since the summer of 2020 the band have been going to summer rehearsals for their upcoming fall shows and football games. The band has been working on their main production, which includes a collection of Beatles songs entitled “All you need is love.” The band has also been learning songs like Starship’s “Land of a Thousand Dances”, and Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” to play for the Top Cats dance team. While in the stands, the band has also learned to play “Jai Ho” while at football games. “We’ve only had one real halftime show, and while it may have not been the best we could have given, I still think we did well,” junior Nate Martin said. Honestly, the band has never not done well in a show; keep up the good work band!!!



Since the new year began, the dance team has been on top of learning new routines for upcoming dance events and football games. All of the new exciting dance routines this year have been choreographed by leader Lauren Biediger and have been performed virtually for the pep rallies. Currently, the dance team has also begun a candle fundraiser to help support the team’s meals, uniforms, transportation necessities, and team trips. “ It’s definitely not the same, social distancing has had many obstacles that some had proved hard to overcome,” junior Helena Allen said. “However the energy is all the same, which overall is really positive. It is great to see the dance team back on track and ready to perform.


MVISD Theatre

In the new school year, theatre has been starting their fall rehearsals for ‘Here Comes the Brides,’ which will be presented November 19-21. Here comes the brides is an amazing spectacle of pure comedy and pure chaos with many great characters and twists, don’t miss it! Theatre rehearsals take place every Monday through Thursday 4:30 to 6:30 “I’m a newbie this year, so I was really nervous going into it, but the people have been super inviting and fun to work with,” junior Allison Whitley said. “It’s a little challenging with the mask on and still trying to be understood by my classmates, but we’re making it work!”


Despite these trying times many students find it hard to adjust to this new environment. But with each others support students can learn how to make the most of the high school experience in many positive ways. GO PANTHERS!!!