Why We Choose To Wear Certain Masks



Anna Adams, Staff Writer

Current safety protocols require everyone at school to wear a mask or face covering, and while many options look alike, some stick out from the crowd. Students explain why they choose to wear certain types of masks for different reasons.

Spirit week now includes masks, as junior Ellie Austin demonstrates. In order to show her love of Christmas on Holiday Day, Austin wears a bright red mask to match her festive outfit. She adds that her mask also matches up with her “outgoing” personality.

Junior Ellie Austin is ready to take on the day

“[My mask] reminds me of dolphins,” sophomore and dolphin-lover Tyler Frail said. He wears a pale blue mask with white anchors from Old Navy, which he describes as “suffocating,” though his eyes are bright with laughter. At least he has enough air to laugh.

Sophomore Tyler Frail grins behind his mask

Comfy clothing is a go-to for senior Maewynn Garrow [not pictured]. However, she does not sacrifice style for comfort. Purple with intricate white designs, her mask is not only “really comfortable,” but earns bonus points for being “pretty.”

Convenience is key when junior Matthew Fleming wears his comfortable and reusable black mask. Washer-friendly, his mask is reusable and cuts down on costs, as well as being a neutral shade, handy for color coordination in his outfits. Fleming uses his mask as a “[rite] of passage” during public excursions to avoid attracting unwarranted stares from others.

Junior Matthew Fleming displays his mask

Although face coverings are mandatory for sanitary purposes, students opt for different types of masks, reasons ranging from practicality to personal expression.