Technology: help or hinder?

An insight on how COVID changed technology.

Technology: help or hinder?

Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer


In the past six months, our attachment to technology has completely changed yet again. Instead of being seen as just a frivolous way to pass time, it has become an integral part of the new world that is being created every single day. But, with our newfound reliance on technology, I can not help but wonder if technology has made lasting impacts on profound parts of our psyche. 

With the instant gratification that most forms of social media provide, our attention spans, whether we realize it or not, are substantially changing. Think about it, the average Tik Tok is anywhere between six seconds to a minute long, and you get to scroll to your heart’s content, only stopping when you get a notification from Snapchat or Twitter. 

The reliance on technology in schools is also a new key aspect in this change. Both students attending online school and in-person feel the technological shift that has taken place in the last six months.  

“Technology is now the backbone of our school system,” senior Leksi Martinez said. “We used to be able to get away with not touching a computer all day at school, but now it’s basically all we do.” Now, technology is a part of every second of every day, from turning in your homework to liking a post. 

I am in no way trying to say that social media is all bad: I think that social media is a very special, new thing that connects our generation much more efficiently than those before us. It can create communities, share ideas, or just give you a laugh on a bad day. But, because this is a relatively new concept, we cannot truly measure the mental effects we could experience in the next 50 years. For now, each of us should do our small parts in limiting our use of distracting and unnecessary use of technology. Go outside, and take a walk, or read a book. While your phone is charging up, we should all be charging down.