Party Like It’s 1630

Expressing yourself even with a mask on

Party Like It's 1630

Dominick Cooper, Staff Editor

In these troubling times, the world as we know it has been turned completely upon its head. One of the biggest changes to our day-to-day life revolves around the pieces of cloth we wear on our faces. They weren’t always simple cloth. Originally, around 1630, they were giant masks with a curved face resembling a bird. Several people do not like wearing them for various reasons; whether it be difficulty breathing or lack of expressing yourself. The topic of discussion for today is how we CAN express ourselves through our masks. There are people who just buy the generic masks because it is easier,  some design their own, and others search for one that they enjoy. 


“It has Stitch on it, who is my favorite Disney character,” junior Shelby Boubel said. “It’s very comfy! I work with kids so it’s not frightening, too.” Masks aren’t always the nicest, but through them we can keep people safe. Other people as well as ourselves. Not all masks have to be elaborate either. You could wear a mask simply because it works. 


“I made my sister a really cool full design anime mask,” junior Giorgette Ruiz said. When the virus became more prevalent in America, masks were nowhere to be found. So people began to make their own. One of these people is Ruiz. She takes orders and can make just about any design you want. Orders are open for everyone, and they typically cost about eight to ten dollars. Usually it will take her three days to make a custom mask. There are very few limitations, too.


Faces are the unspoken language. The smallest of nose wrinkles, or even the raise of your brow, can flip the whole demeanor of a conversation. Now that we cannot see each others’ faces, the next best thing is a mask that expresses yourself. If you want to order a custom mask from Ruiz, her business instagram is giorgys.sweets. Do not be shy to express yourself! After all, people gotta roll with what is dished out.