Extra Curricular Activities Vs Covid-19

Band and Sports are changing due to Covid-19

Nadine Zenner, Staff Writer

With COVID-19 still being a threat, it is a luxury that band and sports are able to continue. For this to happen, there were a few changes that had to be made.
The first change is the requirement of wearing masks. Masks help keep germs from spreading when sneezing, coughing, talking, and even laughing. Guidelines say masks are required unless doing physical activity. Does that mean band directors and coaches are going to tell students that they do not have to wear masks during practice? No. For band, students have to wear masks at all times unless they are playing an instrument. For sports, they have to wear masks at all times unless they are on the court or field.
“I think the mask is okay,” sophomore color guard member, Alexa San Miguel, said. “It’s hot wearing it when we’re constantly moving out in the sun, but I put up with it.”
Wearing a mask in the sun can be a struggle, but it is something that students have to endure to ensure their safety.
Another change is students are required to bring their own water, and they can not share with each other. When a student pushes on a water fountain button, germs from their hands can get on the button, and those germs may be transferred onto the hands of another student and so-on and -so-forth. The same thing goes for a cooler and team water bottles. If a student does not bring their own water for practice, they will not be provided with any from the coaches or band directors. Not being hydrated when in the sun and/or being physically active can cause people to pass out.
“The school doesn’t let us use the water fountains anymore, and since I’m in football I need a lot of water or I’ll pass out,” eighth grade football player, Gerald Herrera, said. “I make sure to bring my own water so I don’t faint on the field.”
Next, there’s no sharing of equipment or materials and students have to stay 6 feet away from each other. Of course, in sports this is hard to do. In basketball, football, volleyball, and other sports like these, you are all touching the same ball. For sports such as baseball, it is highly recommended that you bring your own glove, bat, helmet, and any other things needed.
Lastly, COVID-19 has affected game and competition schedules. Football games have been pushed back to start at a later time, and marching band competitions have been canceled until further notice; leaving students to hope UIL competitions continue.