The Magic of Martinez

A feature on one of our most involved lunch ladies: Annette Martinez


Janelle De Jesus, Feature Editor

With every year that passes in high school, students come and go. Freshman become sophomores who become juniors and eventually seniors. Suddenly your younger sibling who was once in middle school is now watching you from the student section as you walk the stage. Growing up and moving onto harder classes is inevitable. Truly. But, there are always people that stay. Admin, teachers, and even lunch staff. In our article today, we focus on a specific soul, someone who has changed the lives of many students over the past 6 years: Annette Martinez. 

“She played a big factor in our day, making sure we all ate, or asking us how our day has gone,” senior Arreceli Castillo said. “It shows her good character not only as an employee, but a person.” 

Annette Martinez has worked on our campus for several years now. Every year, students come and go and she remembers everything. For years she has loved, nurtured, and cared for these students like her own children. The students’ lives matter in every single way to Martinez. When she interacts with students, she acts as if they are her own. She makes them laugh and always engages in conversation with them, even during this pandemic. She never fails to leave a smile on the plates of every student that says hello during lunch or passes through her lunch line. 

“I enjoy my job more than anything in this world,” Annette Martinez said. I enjoy being involved in the atmosphere that comes with Medina Valley. Just today, I saw two girls making a TikTok dance and they laughed as I watched and tried to join them from the register,”  

Martinez not only just cares for the students here, but she always is a shoulder to cry on or a set of ears to listen. Countless students mention times where Martinez sat at their table and talked to them about whatever problems were going on. They mention her laugh, how it is contagious, and she never failed to brighten a room. Martinez is not only just a staff member at our high school, she is a friend to most. 

“Whenever I am at lunch I always make my way to her lunch line,” senior Nathaniel Marasigan said. “She has always cared for me, and never fails to check up on me. I talk to her about anything and everything, and she truly cares about not just me, but everyone,”  

Even during this pandemic, Martinez finds ways to utilize her kindness and positive energy during these times. She finds ways to maintain distance, while still being friendly and smiling as bright as possible through a cotton mask. 

“I’m saddened, really, with the lack of interaction going on,” Martinez said. “I do although, know that it is for ours and our kids’ safety, I still try to be as friendly as possible to the kids that I have seen turn into young adults,” 

In this article, I gave several seniors the chance to say anything they wanted to Martinez. They all had positive things to say about her and her kindness, they go as follows: 

“I would tell her that I appreciate her more than she will ever know, that and that I miss her endlessly,” senior Roxanna Mireles said. 

“I’d love to give her a virtual hug for making our table laugh even when we were all moody,” senior Castillo said. 

“Thank you for all you have done for us at school, through and through,” senior Amanda Keller said. “Thank you for working so hard for all of us, staff and especially students,” 

“Thank you for everything you have done,”Marasigan said. “I appreciate that you still care a lot about me from the first chance I got to meet you,”  


In response to this:

“It has been a pleasure to be a part of the culture of excellence for the past 6 years,” Martinez said. “Also, to be known as the coolest lunch lady who also broke up a fight, that’s the cherry on top. I love it here.”