“Wait, what did you say? I couldn’t hear you.”

A little insight on our new lunch arrangements


Robert Rangel

Robert Rangel, Staff Writer


With the many changes this school year has had to offer us, some of the biggest was to lunch and its schedule. Due to social distancing being enforced everywhere, students were not surprised when it affected our lunch period.


The lunch schedule this year is weird, but it is not that different from what we are used  to. The only changes scheduling has caused this year is creating three lunch periods divided by grade level. For years now, the administration has been planning to create a C lunch due to the fact the school was growing in size. But with the current pandemic, now was the perfect time to implement their plan. Now, freshmen get lunch during fourth period, sophomores and seniors during fifth period, and juniors during sixth period. As a junior I was not thrilled with this change, mainly because most of my friends are seniors.


The biggest change of the cafeteria was the procedures of maintaining social distancing. On the floors, there are signs to remind students to stay six feet apart. Perhaps the most controversial change is seating arrangements. During lunch there are three places you can sit:on the stage, outside, or at tables. With the main tables, there are plexiglass dividers. The dividers are supposed to block germs from spreading, but the only thing students see it as is blocking out their friends. “The dividers at the indoor tables make it impossible to hear the person across from you, and it is easier to hear the people adjacent to you, but not by much, but at least we get free lunches,” junior Nate Martin said. This is the main issue people have with these seats. On the stage, the only thing that bothers some is that you have to sit on every other seat. And at the outside tables, the biggest change is that people have to sit only two to a table. 

The last lunch change that has occurred this year is the process of purchasing your food. It was not until recently that the lunch at school would be free to all students. According to www.Businessinsider.com, 20.5 million jobs have been lost due to the current pandemic. Unfortunately because of this some people may not be able to pay for their child’s lunches. 

This has been a great solution however to lower income families. But one thing that has been a common negative among students is the fact that students can get extra portions, but now they will be able to get snacks through a different lunch line.


Through these changes, it may take some time to get used to, but at least we are able to have time with our friends at lunch and be grateful to the lunch staff who make lunches daily and our custodians who help keep our seating areas clean.