StuCo Wards Off COVID-19 Blow

Pandemic Unable to Deter Organization

Anna Adams

Petitions, clubs, votes and the like are mere examples of the everyday going-ons Student Council influences, and though this year is considerably disparate, StuCo lives on. Over 35 students are running for positions on StuCo this year, and a few of the candidates were willing to share their thoughts.

Meet junior Jett Winkler, a competitive online-learner who wants to obtain a leadership role on the council and help the school “get through these hard times more than ever now.”  He loves “behind the scenes work” and strives to use challenges as personal motivation; he also believes that every student should be able to have fun in school.  Overall, Winkler believes the StuCo will forge a tighter bond amid COVID-19 and unite remote and in-person learners.

“Life is too short,” according to sophomore Nicole Kawczynski, an online-learner who motivates herself to try harder than the previous day and desires a presidential role. A fan of speech and debate, she values responsibility and is passionate about the environment, wishing to establish an eco-friendly club. Despite the differences in this school year, she remains “super positive” and is “super excited” for what awaits her in StuCo, because she wants to voice her opinions and ideas, knowing she can have a “positive impact on” our school.  According to Kawczynski, “this year is going to be one for the books.”

Even during a “weird” year, senior Macy Livingston, an online-learner who loves cross country and leadership roles, is keen on encouraging school spirit as a class officer for her sixth year in StuCo.  According to Livingston, StuCo is a powerhouse and support system for extracurricular activities and scholastic pride. She believes in teamwork and wants students to enjoy their time at school.

Defying all challenges, StuCo persists for the sake of the school community.  The individuals who aspire to join express determination, ensuring StuCo will be unlikely to surrender to the COVID-19 pandemic anytime soon; rather, the candidates focus on making our school year memorable in a positive light. According to Livingston, “We’re making history here!”