Back 2 School

In more ways than one

What in-person learners see when they pull up to the school

What in-person learners see when they pull up to the school

Marina Garcia , Editor


Because of the recent pandemic everything was in question.Will I go back to work? Will I go back to school? Everything was in the unknown.

After spring break the realization of this virus finally hit once students were not coming back to school and online classes started soon after.

That is when students got a first look into what our future school year would be like. The school year started with safety precautions already enforced. Masks would be mandatory for all teachers and students, a COVID-19 schedule was set up to minimize traveling distance, and at lunch there would be dividers to maintain a social distance. Unlike the schools in Bexar County, we had the choice to do online schooling or in person school. An estimated 1000 students decided to do online school while 700 students decided to go in person. 

For the students doing online, it could be for a number of reasons. Some families are at a higher risk of getting COVID-19, while others thought it was the best for them personally. And of course there are the ones that want to work full-time, or they just refuse to wear jeans again. 

The in-person learners are learning to adapt to their new normal. Everyday students  have to go to our first period first thing in the morning, unless we’re getting breakfast to avoid crowding in the cafeteria. Also, every period students are squirted with hand sanitizer before and after class. 

“School has been interesting,” Junior Helena Allen said. “There are things I don’t think anyone has really gotten used to yet, like the masks and the constant cleaning,” . Most students that are going to school know that it is a little bit of a struggle. With all the new accommodations and precautions it is going to take some time to get used to, but overall it’s for our safety. 

Online school is a day behind from the in-person learners, but they are learning the same things as us. No assignments have changed for them. Teachers send in videos of them teaching the lessons and that’s how the students get the information. 

“I’ve learned more because I can study the notes at my own pace, and there’s no distractions going on too,” senior Zavien Angel said about online learning. 

The students that decided to do online school will be able to come back to school if they wish to after the first six- weeks and then on. If a student decides to do online schooling and they wish to go back to in person learning, they must finish out the remainder of the six weeks online.

What online students see when they go to school