Improvise. Adapt. Overcome – COVID 19 Edition

Is this our new normal?


Robert Rangel, Staff Writer

From the moment students and teachers found out they could not go back to school in the 2020 school year, they were all questioning what kind of environment they would be in for the 2021 school. 

Already knowing the safety procedures that the general public has to follow, students were going to be in for a big surprise.Now students found themselves shocked with the gallons of greasy hand sanitizer dumped on hands and bare empty classrooms. 

This was once an opportunity for teachers to express their personality through their posters and designs, now every room looks like an ISS room.

This year, the hallways and restrooms do not look any different from the year before, however, the classrooms and the doorways and entrances are what is separated from the bunch. 

Since school started, students and staff are put under what is called the ‘covid’ schedule, this schedule rearranges the classes from the original skyward schedules students received early August. But with this new covid schedule, teachers do not get their own room anymore. They are now travelling throughout the school to different classrooms. But through all the cleaning procedures, teachers are now able to be more active and get out of their original classrooms. “ I crossed the school six times, lots of steps logged,” Newspaper teacher Mrs Schmidt “said”. 

But teachers are also not able to decorate their classrooms like they were a year prior. What is cool about this is some teachers are showing enginuity and decorating and glammaring their carts with stuff they would usually put on their walls. “The classrooms look like a prison now,” junior Naomi Minnick “said”.

Now let us go into how a typical school day looks like. With the new covid schedule all students who want a meal in the morning are able to get a grab and go breakfast and eat in the first period, any other students that do not eat breakfast will go to the first period. Before any student walks into class, they sanitize their hands, which also is done at the end of the period with cleaning of the desks. Also, before switching to any class, different grade levels are called on the intercom to maintain social distancing. 

Even through all the exhausting safety procedures and the practice of social distancing, and even though students are all not completely together anymore, students and teachers still have each other, and we should be able to use this wacky period in time as building blocks and help everyone rise to greatness just like any other year before this.