A Whole Other World

All the different events happening in the world we do not know about


Dominick Peralta, Staff Writer

Most people tend to frequent the same news sites (CNN, FOX, Etc.). If they even look at the news at all. By doing so, they often miss a whole other side of the world that many people do not really know about. From small town miracles to heroes hidden in the crowd of ordinary citizens, a lot of stories here are ones that have been hidden  in a sea of information.


A big concern on many people’s minds right now is the future of our planet. Or, at least it is on the minds of the managers of Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGC). The managers at these investment companies hope to cut the amount of carbon they produce, while cleaning out extra that is already in the air. Through a hefty framework and a cut of carbon emissions, IIGC hopes to hit their goal of going carbon neutral by 2050. “We hope by showing the initiative that many other companies will follow in our lead,” Charlotte Jones, Senior Development and Organization manager, said to Forbes.


Most people hate it when water gets in places that it has no business being in the first place. Unfortunately, Africa is experiencing this issue on a much larger scale. The people of Sudan are doing everything they can to protect their ancient pyramids from water damage as the Nile river reaches a record breaking level. Heavy rains in Sudan have led to the Nile river rising in water level causing it to break through its banks and flood the land nearby which has caused it to start flooding into the pyramids in the local area. “The situation is currently under control, but if the level of the Nile continues to rise, the measures taken may not be sufficient,” Archaeologist Marc Maillot said.


Even though some of these stories do not affect our daily lives it is still happening all the time. So do not be shy to experience part of the world you never knew was there.


Fore more information on any of the above articles the links are below:

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Flooding in the pyramids: www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-54070697