A New Experience

Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

8:18, the first bell rings, students walk to class, the teacher begins to teach, the 2020 school year appears almost to begin as normal, but not for half of the students (according to the Superintendent) at Medina Valley High School. For them it begins by waking up at 6am, 12pm, or later, then preparing for school like they normally would, but there is one big thing that makes it different: they do not go anywhere.


They take their computers and sit at a desk, table, or sometimes on the floor. Most students will get on their computers and check Google Classroom or Seesaw to see what work they have ahead for the day, unlike at school, you see what work you can only see a subject one at a time, here you look at the due dates of every assignment and pace it from there. 

The students of remote learning have to struggle with questions like “Which class are you going to work on first? How long is this assignment going to take?” because it is on them to plan out how they are going to structure the school day out. 

Once that is all planned out, they would get ready to read or listen to the material of the day, whether or not it is of subjects that you would need to know to get the assignment done. 


The format is much like a regular school day, but as Coach Schmidt said the difference is “At home students have the ability to do the work at any time of the day, which us a perk, but they do not have the teacher on hand to answer questions immediately as the in class kids do. This can make some classes harder online.” You work based on the material you have been given and your sole mind and this can be distracting to some. 

“Occasionally during the day I think about my friends at school or what they are doing at their own online classes,” freshman Cristian Donaghy said. 

Some time during the day they take some time to eat lunch, likely relaxing for a short amount of time. Once you finish eating you have to get adjusted on working on your assignments again, even though you would probably rather keep on relaxing like it was still summer. Depending on how someone spends their time or how much work they had, they may have finished or have more work to go, but most likely have not finished yet. Luckily this has not been to blame on the technological end,

“They talk about links not working sometimes but it seems to be fine for everyone else so there may be some user error there instead.” Schmidt said. 

After a while, after an hour or five, they arrive at the end of the final assignment. At this point, most are worn out from the work they have done and all the self motivation it took to complete it, but they finally finished. It could be mid-day, it could be the end of the day, or it could be night, but all that matters is that you have finished. 

“That I just want to relax and play games when the work is done,” Donaghy said. But for all at home learners, no matter what you are doing, you know all the while you have made the best of your difficult situation and that you are going to do it all again tomorrow.