What I Miss


Madison Rosati, Staff Writer


Maybe its the early mornings, maybe its the teachers, or maybe I miss walking down that big open hallway and seeing all of my favorite people. Now I could sit here and tell you about all the little details that are not too little after all. But why tell you about that when I can tell you about not only what I miss, but what we miss. 

March sixth was a normal day, well that’s what we all thought at least. None of us thought to spend that last day taking pictures or making those memories last. We said our goodbyes, that weren’t really goodbyes because we knew we’d  see each other in a week. That week turned into two, then three, then two months. So many opportunities we missed, unlike the classes before us we are missing all those memorable moments. Our senior skip day, senior prank, senior trip, and even graduation. Its all gone, because it’s the safest way for us to live. No more laughs or smiles spent with our favorite teachers. A year spent planning for ended short. No more school events, all is missed.


We miss school. We miss it all.


I miss you.