Signing off

Our final Article for the year


PC: Anna Claire Beasley

Me and my parents goofing off during my senior pictures

Kylee Hall, Staff Writer

Quite frankly, this isn’t the perfect ending to not just my senior year but the past 13 years in general. This, sadly, is my last article for The Prowler, so I decided for my last I wanted to say everything I could get out . I want to say thank you to all of my teachers, those who I had in class and those who were merely a passing wave. I think teachers, all of them that you come in contact with, quite obviously shape your experiences throughout high school. They are the ones that give us the ability to succeed, they spend their extra time ready to tutor when necessary, and if you are as lucky as Medina Valley is, they truly care about their students. History teacher Dustin Hurley was my debate coach.I am a loud and proud member of the Speech and Debate team and was lucky enough to be President this year. Without Mr.Hurley’s kindness and true love for the activity, I probably would not have even given it a second thought after constantly losing. High school in general will teach you that you are going to get knocked down, maybe you play football and you have to get hit time and time again but you get ready at the line after every hit. Maybe you show livestock for FFA but you have tried time and time again and yet you can not seem to get the ribbon, or maybe you are like me and you spend three years in debate and have attended countless tournaments but have only ever won three medals. You see, it is not the winning that is worth it. It is the friends you make along the way, it is the roads that you pave for yourself, and it is the experience that you do not always have to be number one to be the true winner. Honestly most of us will “ remember that one time” about the funny moments, not the ones where we hung our heads in momentary sadness.


“Remember that one time” Senior Brianna Barclay and I had never debated together, walked into the district, and ended up with a ticket to state.


 “Remember that one time” I shoved french fries into Senior Jose Rodriguez’s nose because he told me if it “changed the vibes” I could. 


“Remember that one time” junior Sara Beth Beasley and I went to El Paso for debate and stayed in a sketchy hotel. 


In less than a month “ remember that one time” will be how we , the seniors, speak of these years. Which is absolutely mind boggling to me. It flew by so ridiculously quick and now I sit here writing this article, sad that I have to say goodbye, but proud of everything that I have accomplished. This is what matters. It does not matter if you were popular, if you got voted homecoming or prom queen, it does not even matter what your grades looked like. If you made yourself proud then you have the world at your feet.