New Release

After a Decade Stephine Meyers has Released New Twilight Saga Book


Possible new cover for Midnight Sun

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

It has been twelve years after the last book of the Twilight Saga series last appeared. Recently Stephine Meyer, author of the series, posted a countdown on her page. Fans were confused yet excited for the countdown. When the timer ended, Meyers told fans that she would be releasing Midnight Sun on August 4, 2020.  Meyers was supposed to release Midnight Sun almost a decade ago, but after some chapters were released without her permission, she stopped writing the book. 

The Twilight series are seen through the perspective of Bella, but in Midnight Sun it is based off of Edward’s thoughts. But the book is not just about Edward, but thought to be about the whole Cullen family and their vampirism. We do not know yet if she will keep the chapters that were released or if she’ll start from the very beginning. 

We do not know much to expect from Midnight Sun but fans are starting to make guesses and assumptions . Some fans are hoping to get more of Edwards’ past, before he met Bella and his early years as a vampire. Also Edward always talks about his soul, will we understand more in depth why he thinks he is not worthy of Bella, is there more than he is telling her. 

The book does not come out until August 4 but fans can preorder the book now.